Welcome to Empowerment U !

We are very pleased to be part of a huge movement toward individual self empowerment. 

Each of you is an important component in creating a better world. We're all like pieces of the puzzle; and until you are standing there with us - at your finest and whole, our puzzle is not yet complete.

Besides - life is a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN - when you are empowered!  

Whether you feel stuck, not appreciated, confused, tired, discouraged, unloved or as if your life has no meaning - there is something inside you - that is ready for a shift in your life. 

Your REAL self is ready to emerge and become part of a loving community, whose members are also discovering how joyful life can be when a person lets go of the trauma, pain, abuse and doubt.

Our processes are all designed to ignite that inner spark. This is the spark which may have been hidden and buried among all the disappointment, the lack of nurturing, the societal programming designed to keep us off balance & dis-empowered.

If you are ready - we are delighted to meet you, to include you in the gatherings and experiences with kindred spirits - who also are on the journey to wholeness. 

We guarantee you - that once you begin moving forward with your life, you will never go back.






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